An attorney representing the teenager who said that she spoke with Trayvon Martin before his fatal encounter with George Zimmerman called her testimony "a tremendous experience for her."

Rachel Jeantel returned to South Florida after taking the stand Wednesday and Thursday. She appeared polite, frustrated, and sometimes combative while testifying.

"English is not her first language. They made a mockery out of her in some situations in social media," said Rod Vareen, Jeantel's attorney. "They talked bad about her. They castigated her in other circles, so she has been listening, if you will, to what people are saying. I'm sure she's been hearing a little radio. We're trying to tell her don't listen to radio, don't watch television, stay away from this case as much as you can -- just go back to being a 19-year-old teenager."

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Jeantel remains under subpoena.

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