A bar manager was arrested on Monday and charged with aggravated battery after he got in a fight with a Miami man at his bar.

About 2:35 a.m. Sunday, a police officer was flagged down by Blake Ambrester, the bar manager for the Suite Six Club, located at 265 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. Police found Jeremy Fisher lying unconscious and had him transported to the hospital.

A female bartender felt uncomfortable and threatened by Fisher and had Ambrester intervene, police said.

Ambrester asked Fisher to leave, but he refused, police said. Ambrester took control of Fisher and placed him in a "choke hold" as he escorted him outside.

Police believe that Fisher passed out as he was being taken out of the bar. When Ambrester released him, Fisher fell face first onto the sidewalk and sustained injuries to his head and neck, police said.

After immediately noticed Fisher was injured, he flagged down a passing police officer.

Police didn't immediately arrest Ambrester. He was charged Monday due to the severity of Fisher's injuries.

Fisher sustained facial fractures from the fall and an injury to his neck that will require surgery, police said. Fisher is in a coma at Bayfront Medical Hospital and his condition is serious, but non-life threatening.