Christian radio station WMBM spent Friday remembering and celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday. He was 95.

Bishop T. Curry spoke with friends of Mandela, including Rev. Al Sharpton and Ray Fauntroy.

"If Nelson Mandela can go to jail for 27 years, emerge from that, be regal enough, be forgiving enough and still fight for what he believed in and see it come to pass, then we can fight voter suppression, we can fight without hatred, without malice, without any vengeful kinds of spirits," said Curry. "That's what I learned. I need a practical lesson from Nelson Mandela."

Mandela visited Miami in 1990, shortly after his release from prison. But his visit drew outrage from much of the Cuban-American community because of his praise for Fidel Castro.

Many residents and some city leaders snubbed Mandela, which led to a three-year boycott on tourism known as the Quiet Riots.