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BNO Rothstein Ceo 6p

Rothstein's former CFO pleads not guilty

Scott Rothstein's CFO was in court Tuesday to face charges for her involvement in the billion-dollar fraud scheme.

John Madden, interim building official

Inspector general opens investigation into building dept.

The Broward Inspector General's Office has opened an investigation into the Fort Lauderdale building department's handling of flooding elevation levels at new housing developments in the city.


Hall of Fame baseball player sues Seminole Tribe

Hall of Fame baseball player Brooks Robinson is seeking a settlement of $9.9 million from the Seminole Tribe of Florida over injuries he suffered in a 2012 fall from a stage at the tribe's South Florida casino.

Bank of America

John Coughlin/CNNMoney

Bank of America whistleblower at heart of new Ponzi suit

Fort Lauderdale attorney Bill Scherer is suing yet another big bank.

David Newman

Alleged sex abuse victim: I wish jury believed me

Twenty-year-old David Newman says if he had a chance to talk to the jury that acquitted his former youth minister, Jeffrey London, of sexually abusing him and three other boys over the course of years during their childhoods in his London's care,…

City of Pembroke Pines Fire Department

Firefighters union work to end 'double-dipping' at city hall

Pembroke Pines City Commission voted to approve an agreement with its fire department to ban double-dipping, the practice of employees retiring to collect a pension only to be rehired with a new salary.


Rothstein partner pleads guilty in federal court

A former law partner of convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein is expected to plead guilty to charges of violating federal campaign finance laws.

Judge Gisele Pollack

Judge in treatment after relapse

Broward Chief Judge Peter Weinstein confirmed Monday that Drug Court Judge Giselle Pollack is in treatment after she had a second relapse of her own substance abuse problems in court just weeks ago.

Donald Trump

Trump takes aim at 2 men who sued him on fraud allegation

After a date at Broward County Court earlier this month, real estate mogul Donald Trump is going after two men who sued him on a fraud allegation. Trump is demanding that they now pay him big bucks.

Local 10 News at 5 bno

Sheriff’s political machine aims at Local 10

The sheriff's office is displeased after Local 10's reports of an incident Friday.


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