A Central Florida police officer was suspended after he asked a woman to shake out her bra during a traffic stop last month.

Lakeland police officer, Dustin Fetz allegedly instructed Zoe Brugger to lift her shirt and shake out her bra to see if she was hiding any drugs.

No drugs were found on her or inside the car. State attorney, Jerry Hill has called for an internal investigation and says there was no reason to even suspect that Brugger was carrying drugs.

"First of all it’s just plain inappropriate, let’s just get that out there. It’s just wrong," said Hill.

Brugger says she hasn’t decided whether she will press charges.

"I just hope that the officers are trained properly and conduct their traffic stops with respect," said Brugger.

The Lakeland police department placed Fetz on paid leave for four days and he returned to work this past Tuesday.

The incident is being investigated.