DAVIE, Fla. -

The upcoming cold snap has nursery owners worried about their plants.

Temperatures are forecast to be in the 40s overnight.

"We're taking some of our more tender tropicals and we're loading them up on trailers and we're putting them inside our buildings," said Eric Dietly-Friedli, a gardener at Flamingo Road Nursery.

Dietly-Friedli said they'll give extra water to the plants staying outside to keep them healthy.

"We watered a little extra this morning, and we'll do it again this afternoon," he said. "That's the first thing you should be doing at home as well."

Dietly-Friedli suggested checking to see whether your plants need to be taken inside.

"If you have some very tender things, hanging baskets -- hanging baskets of colorful little annuals -- they'll, especially if it's windy out, they're not going to fair as well as plants on the ground," he said. "If you can, take them, put them inside, in the garage."