In jai alai, the ball travels up to 170 miles per hour, the reason it's billed as the fasted sport played by man. These days, more than 200 construction workers at Dania Casino & Jai Alai are working nearly as fast to get the new casino up and running.

The casino at 301 E. Dania Beach Boulevard will house 500 slot machines, a bar, and private poker rooms. When it opens in late January, Dania Casino & Jai Alai will add 200 permanent employees to the 135 who have already been hired.

The new owners of Dania Casino & Jai Alai have put $20 million into the first phase of the renovation. Eventually, the fronton, auditorium, and the rest of the building will also be renovated.

"Possibly will be approximately 1,400 slot machines and a full entertainment center," said marketing director Bernie Gamboa. "We're thinking about a minimum of three restaurants and a fully renovated valet parking area."

Earlier this year, Boyd Gaming sold the property for $65.5 million after paying $152 million for the facility in 2006. The new owners are a group of Argentinean investors experienced in gaming.

"They operate approximately 37 casinos in Argentina," said Gamboa. "Their biggest operating in Buenos Aires has approximately 4,000 slot machines currently operating."

Future plans for the site haven't been officially announced, but there has been talk of building a luxury hotel and a deepwater marina.