Evidence released from murder at mansion

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The attorney for first degree murder suspect Catherine Pileggi wanted any and all files related to the case sealed. Broward Judge Carlos Rebollo disagreed - ruling that much of the evidence is a matter of public record.

Local 10 News obtained the files - more than 300 pages of documents, including police reports, medical records, witness statements and several audio and video tapes.

Pileggi is charged with the pre-meditated murder of her longtime boyfriend, 70-year-old Ronald Vinci June 298. Vinci's body was found wrapped in bedding and plastic inside his home. Police documents show he had been beaten, stabbed and shot. Pileggi initially told detectives Vinci had too much to drink and fell down some stairs and that she wrapped him up and planned to take him out to sea where she claimed he wanted to be buried.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence against Pileggi found in the files is surveillance video from a Home Depot from the day before the suspected murder. It shows Pileggi selecting several items that police say were used to conceal her boyfriend's body, including a large 45 gallon blue plastic container. On the tape she is seen putting things in her shopping cart, including the container, checking out at the register and then leaving the store.

Also in the files, an interview between a Fort Lauderdale detective and Reynaldo Silva, the handyman who claimed Pileggi asked to help her dump the body.

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