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Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

Sign up for 'Wasting time on the Internet' 101

You can now get college credit for watching all those cat videos.…

From Christopher DeHaan

UC Berkeley overturns vote to disinvite Maher

The controversy over having TV host Bill Maher speak at the…

Steve Marcus/Reuters

Taylor Swift's new single to benefit NYC schools

Taylor Swift bought a $20 million townhouse in Manhattan this year,…

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

History Channel to teach college history

Many college kids spend hours watching The History Channel. Now,…

Dirty tricks of the student loan industry

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put student loan servicers…

Bryan College Athletics

Student drains half-court shot to win $10,000

A soccer player who had never played basketball before sinks a layup…

Sean Gardner / Reuters

Suit seeks minimum wage for student athletes

Should college athletes at least be paid the same minimum wage as the…

iStock / Liliboas

China catches 2,440 high-tech exam cheats

Full marks for ingenuity.

Some 2,440 Chinese students taking a…


Maryland to coaches: No bonus if athletes failing

Coaches at state universities in Maryland have a new financial…

FAMU band hazing trial expected to begin Monday

The trial of four band members charged in the hazing death of a…

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