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Feral, stray cat


Feral cat forces elementary school to close

A feral cat that's terrorizing students has forced an elementary…

4-year-old expelled because of mom's Facebook post

Four-year-old Will Habat is your typical boy. So it's no surprise…

Students in classroom

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Doctors: School start times unhealthy for students

If you think school starts too early, you aren't the only one.

Gov Rick Scott persuades government to back off school grading system

A day after winning Tuesday’s republican nomination primary for governor, Rick Scott persuaded the federal government to back off its recent warning that Florida needs to toughen up its school grading system

Scott persuades government to back off school grading system

Fresh off his cruise to victory in Tuesday's primary, Gov. Rick Scott…



Avoid the 'back-to-school plague'

On average, elementary school children get eight to 12 colds or…

John Sperling

REUTERS/Phil McCarten

Founder of University of Phoenix, 93, dies

The founder of the University of Phoenix, Dr. John G. Sperling, has…

"It's the right thing for our kids," Gov. Rick Scott said when asked about his plan to recommend a nearly $700 million increase for public schools if he is re-elected.

Scott promises to raise school funding if re-elected

Gov. Rick Scott is promising to boost school funding in Florida to…

Apple on top of school books

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10 areas with the highest private school enrollment

Wealthy, educated Catholics are more likely to send their kids to…

Silver Trails Middle School

All-clear given after 'suspicious communication' at...

Students will be heading to class after the all-clear was given at a…

Former high school principal teacher fight to get their jobs back

A former high school principal and his wife, who is a former teacher, are fighting to get their jobs back after child abuse charges filed against them were dropped

Former Broward principal, teacher fight for jobs back

A former principal and teacher arrive at the Broward School Board…

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