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School lunch cafeteria


Healthy school lunches face tough taste test

Students in Gainesville, Georgia, are likely eating a better lunch…

Starbucks logo


Starbucks trucks are coming to campus

Here's something that will make returning to school less painful for…

Arizona State University

Wikimedia Commons

Drunk students on display via 'pass-out page'

Dozens of pictures of Arizona State University students are showing…

Miami-Dade new school year

Thousands of students, teachers return to school Monday

Monday morning, 360,000 kids, 23,000 teachers and 52,000 employees…

Darren Jones

Fired Hallandale High School principal fights for job back

The former principal of Hallandale High School is fighting for his…

Community Partnership for The Homeless

Back to school help for homeless

Homeless children were also returning to school Monday.

Head lice

CNN image

Head lice not allowed in schools

Remember, students with head lice will not be permitted on school…

Must-have apps to get you through school year

Breeze through this school year with these must-have iPhone apps.

notebook, calculator, pencil, school supplies

The awkward transition to middle school

Studies have shown that the jump from elementary to middle school can…

University of Notre Dame

Athletes part of Notre Dame academics probe

Several University of Notre Dame students, including four football…

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