Vehicles burglarized in Vecino Del Mar parking lot

At least 23 vehicles broken into, valuables stolen

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - Residents of the Vecino Del Mar were stunned to find almost two dozen vehicles burglarized in the parking lot of their North Miami condominium Thursday morning.

They woke up to find at least 23 vehicles broken into and any valuables inside stolen.

Wesley Keele is among those who had his car window bashed in.

Keele didn't lose any valuables from his car, but his new bride did. She had her wallet stolen, along with her identification and credit cards. Also gone is more than $1,000 in wedding gift cards.

This is just the latest in a recent series of overnight vehicle burglaries that occurred in Hollywood and Little Havana.

There was a surveillance camera in the Vecino Del Mar parking lot, but residents said it was not recording at the time.

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