Despite the advancements in treatments and awareness, heart disease kills one in four Americans every year.

Those statistics make it vital to know who's at risk which is why Local 10 news teamed up with doctors with Memorial Healthcare's cardiac and vascular institute to put some city of Hollywood employees to the test

Local 10's Kristi Krueger found her way to a variety of offices at City Hall on February 1st, pulling people for all areas of government business.

She interrupted the city council meeting to take city Attorney Jeff Sheffel under 'cardiac arrest', a tongue in cheek term we used to capture our health health check participants.

We nabbed the assistant director of IT, a computer operator, a special events coordinator with the parks department and even Hollywood police weren't able to escape the long arm of Local 10.  We 'arrested' code compliance officer Mary Adderly.

"We're turning the tables on you today, are you ready to come with us?,' asked Krueger.

Romona Brantly was pulled from her post at the fire department

"You think you're in good shape?," asked Krueger. "I know I'm in good shape," replied Brantly

The captives were broth to the Memorial cardiac and vascular institute at Memorial Regional hospital for a series of heart tests.

"Coronary artery disease, vascular disease has a very long latency period meaning we don't now about it for years and years but it's building," said Dr. Howard Berlin. 

The process started with an initial consultation which included both personal and family history.  

Everyone also underwent heart, lung and blood pressure checks and an EKG to evaluate the electgrical activity of the heart.

53 year old Cathy DeMassis-Feller also went through an heart ultrasound to check a heart murmur.

"A murmur is a noise we hear and an echocardiogram is a tool to know if it's a significant murmur or if its one of the benign murmurs," said Dr. Joseph Horgan.

Fortunately, DeMassis-Feller's murmur was benign, meaning it has no impact on her overall heart health. 

"I was very happy, very happy it came out well," she said.

She may have left with a clean bill of heart health but we'll find out what happened with the rest of our participants in our second installment of 'Cardiac Arrest'.