A photographer is seeking to boost the potential damages he could win from Justin Bieber in a lawsuit accusing the singer and a bodyguard of assault.

The photographer's attorney, Mark DiCowden, said at a Tuesday hearing that he has documented at least 11 similar alleged assaults against photographers over two years involving the 20-year-old pop star and his security personnel.

DiCowden said a punitive damage award for photographer Jeffrey Binion could deter future assaults.

"The plaintiff is trying to hold the defendants responsible for punitive damages, which means this is to punish the defendants for their conduct," DiCowden told Local 10's Ben Kennedy after the hearing.

Judge Sarah Zabel did not immediately rule.

Bieber's lawyer said Binion is looking for an unwarranted payoff from a frivolous lawsuit.

"They don't have a case for compensatory damages, let alone punitive damages, because the plaintiff has not suffered any injury," attorney Roy Black told Local 10.

Binion claims he was assaulted by bodyguard Hugh Hesney in June near a recording studio.

Bieber has also pleaded not guilty to DUI and other charges after a Jan. 23 arrest in Miami Beach.

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Published On: Mar 04 2014 03:41:47 PM EST

Miami Beach Police released pictures they took of Justin Bieber while he was in their custody.

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