How to prepare for a wind mitigation inspection

Carl Pennick of Wise Move Home Inspections, Inc. has put together the following list to help homeowners prepare for a wind mitigation inspection.

If the home owner has had a re-roof and does not have a copy of the permit, check the local building department's web site to check if they list permits online. If they do not, call them and try and get the permit information (number and application date.) If the homeowner cannot get this information, the inspector will not be able to do so. If they cannot get the information either online or over the phone, the homeowner should go to their municipality's city hall and get the information in person. If the house was build in 1994,1995, or 1996 it is also important that they also check to make sure the master permit information is available.

If the homeowner has shutters, check that the shutters have either a stamp or label on label on them stating that they are either Miami-Dade approved or FBC approved. If the labels where removed, check tom see if the permit is available or contact the installer. If they have an impact-rated garage or entry door and the labels are missing, the inspector will not be able to verify the rating.

A permit is also proof of having impact rated glazed openings installed.

It is very important that the inspector have access to all attic entrances and the attic is clear of storage. If there is more than one attic access, mak
sure you let the inspector know this.

If you able to get any information regarding the re-roof or shutters after the inspection, send this information over to the inspections office. Often they will be able to update the report after the inspection has been carried out.