Intruder startled by rabbi says goodbye, steals rabbi's car

A burglar broke into a North Miami Beach home early Wednesday morning, coming face to face with a rabbi before driving off with his car.


18 restaurants, hotel kitchens had zero violations in...

Below is a list of restaurants, hotels and mobile food vendors who had zero violations on their unannounced state inspection in February.


Sex harassment secrets arise amid chief's sex-for-hire...

No police department wants to have sexual harassment secrets exposed, as the police chief deals with a sex-for-hire arrest. Especially while the department deals with the case of an officer who killed a mentally ill man armed with a broomstick. But…


North Bay Village restaurant ordered shut 2nd time in month

State records show Sakura Japanese in North Bay Village was ordered shut by the state again last week.


Man dies in Coconut Creek police custody

The death of a man in Coconut Creek who was tased multiple times by police officers is now under investigation.


BSO attorneys defend deputies' body slam

A year after a video surfaced showing what appeared to be a brutal assault on a man by two uniformed Broward Sheriff's deputies, BSO is officially responding to the accusations in court.


'Lovin' Trayvon, hatin' Zimmerman' hits heart of racist...

If George Zimmerman wouldn't have gotten out of his car to follow Trayvon Martin, he would probably be wearing a hooded sweatshirt and be 20 years old Thursday.


Catering company that provides meals to elderly, schools...

A South Florida catering company that serves to the elderly and school children was ordered shut by the state.


Biogenesis' drug supplier gets 18 months in prison

The Brazilian Drug Enforcement Administration agents labeled as a "black-market chemist" and supplier of the infamous Biogenesis of America clinic in Coral Gables was sentenced 18 months in prison Wednesday in Miami federal court.


Activists: Fort Lauderdale waging war on homeless

An investigation is under way in the case of a Fort Lauderdale police officer who was captured on a cellphone camera pushing a homeless man to the ground and slapping him, but homeless advocates say this is only the latest skirmish in Fort…


GRAPHIC: Images courtesy of Library of Congress and African American Policy Forum

Bias zero-tolerance policy destructive for kids,...

A new study by the University of California shows that more black girls get punished than black boys at Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The research suggest educators' racist bias turns zero-tolerance policy destructive.


What's actually in your herbal supplements?

They have been yanked off the shelves in New York, but Local 10 News has learned some are readily available right here in South Florida.

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