LAX shooting affects South Florida flights

Flights leaving FLL affected

SOUTH FLORIDA - A shooting at Los Angeles International Airport forced airlines to divert or cancel flights departing from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Jet Blue redirected its two flights to Long Beach Airport. Virgin America delayed one fight and cancelled two others, according to its website. Spirit Airlines said its Friday night flight to LAX remained on time.

Security was more visible at FLL. The shooting left travelers uneasy.

"I travel 180 days a year and I'm telling you the safety issue, the terrorism issue, affects how you feel about traveling," said Ron Archer. "You feel tight, you feel tense."

"[The] airport's really empty right now, so that actually kind of makes me feel good, there's not a long security line, so I'm sure that they have time to check everybody," added Jamie Archer.

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American Airlines doesn't use the terminal at LAX that was evacuated, according to a Miami International Airport spokesman.

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