A lobster took control of a South Florida teenager's GoPro camera last weekend during the teen's final summer trip to Bimini.

Colton Richardson, 16, was spear-fishing with his friend, Parker Long, when he dropped his spear pole. The pole still had his GoPro camera attached to it and a lobster.

The video showed the lobster moving up and down the shaft toward the camera during the time Colton went up for air.

Colton's mother told Local 10 News her son is no stranger to the ocean. Judy said Colton is an avid spear fisherman and fisherman, who is out on his boat named Young Guns almost every day after school and on the weekends.

Colton, who lives in Rio Vista near Fort Lauderdale, even took the win for biggest wahoo in the Saltwater Shootout tournament in Pompano Beach. The fish he caught in the tournament earlier this month was a whopping 40.3 pounds.

As for for lobster, Judy said the family ate it afterwards.