A Virginia man says a woman he met through a dating app came over to his house and stole his dog -- and that marks both the first and last time he intends to try online dating.

The 30-year-old Virginia Beach man told Virginia television station WTKR the woman started messaging him on a dating app called Skout, and he invited her to his house to watch a movie on Wednesday. The man told WTKR that he didn't want his name released.

The woman, a 22-year-old who went by the name Essence, kept going back and forth between the house and her car. At first, the man thought nothing of it, but the third time she left, she didn't come back, according to WTKR and WAVY.

And that's when the man noticed his dog, a Pomeranian named LaLa, was gone.

"I contacted her and said, 'Can you please bring my dog back? Why would you take (my) dog?'" the man told WTKR. She didn't answer and has deleted her profile on the dating site.

Virginia Beach police are investigating the dog's disappearance. And from now on, the man says he intends to meet potential dates in person, not online.