More than 400 abandoned pets that were scheduled to be euthanized in Georgia are getting a second chance at life, thanks to Pilots N Paws’ Operation Special Delivery, a non-profit organization program aimed to relocate these animals.

Roughly 50 private pilots will take off in their planes with their precious cargo from the Midcoast Regional Airport in Hinesville, GA, to various executive airports in Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia.

The volunteer pilots are donating their time, planes and fuel to get the animals to their forever homes, foster homes or no-kill rescue shelters.

45 of those animals will be calling South Florida home. They will be flying into Palm Beach County Park Airport in West Palm Beach where they will meet their new owners or be taken to local shelters.

According to the Humane Society, 4 million cats and dogs, about one every 8-seconds are euthanized in shelters each year.