New police documents show that Justin Bieber claimed he had a shaky sobriety test because he was suffering from a hairline fracture in his right foot.

The Miami Beach Police Department documents released Tuesday show that Bieber told an officer he had injured his foot skateboarding three months earlier.

The officer noted leg tremors while Bieber was performing the walking test following his Jan. 23 arrest on charges of DUI, resisting arrest and possession of an invalid license.

The police report, which summarizes the sobriety test and officers' discussion of it with the pop star, also quotes Bieber as saying he was not drag racing prior to being stopped in a Lamborghini sports car.

The pop singer was quoted as saying he was just having fun with his millions of dollars in the bank.

Bieber has pleaded not guilty.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Jail Pictures

Published On: Mar 04 2014 03:41:47 PM EST

Miami Beach Police released pictures they took of Justin Bieber while he was in their custody.

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