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Pier reincarnation

Renewed South Pointe Pier to open Friday

At the end of South Pointe Park and jutting from the sand on Miami Beach is South Pointe Pier, which is scheduled to open to the public this week.

City leaders Oakland Park soup kitchen

City leaders: Oakland Park soup kitchen has to go

Father Bob Caudill’s soup kitchen, at the All Saint’s Mission in Oakland Park, has to go, say city leaders. Now Caudill, known as Father Bob, is fighting back.


People in France comment on Skyrise Miami proposal

Skyrise Miami, the towering observation deck ?proposed to be built along Biscayne Bay, has been called a lot of things. Proponents have even called it the "Eiffel Tower of Miami."

lifeguard stand

Miami Beach lifeguard stands to be replaced

Alongside the white sand and sparkling surf of Miami Beach sits 29 colorful lifeguard stands. Miami Beach officials say by next year they'll be taken down and replaced.

Stanwood's grandfather

How soccer has affected Local 10's Janine Stanwood's life

I'm not a real soccer fan. And, as a kid, I was too scrawny and uncoordinated to even play soccer. The older I get, though, the more I realize how important the sport is to people around the world and to people in my own family.


A look at man behind empire of South Fla. restaurants

There's a good chance that most people living in South Florida have eaten at a Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.

Adonis Parker shows Janine Stanwood painting

South Fla. artist restores public art, creates own magic

When I first met Addonis Parker four years ago, I was covering a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Parker was selling his art for the charity.

Miami Metrorail Train Metro

Miami's Metrorail continues growing

The cars on the Metrorail haven't changed much since 1984.

Dade County courthouse

Inside iconic Dade County courthouse

Bleary-eyed and in a queue with hundreds of others, the grandeur of the old Dade County courthouse was lost on me. It has never been lost on Scott Silverman, who retired after 22 years as a Miami-Dade County judge.




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