Comedian Guillermo Álvarez Guedes, who was beloved among Cuban exiles in Miami, died in his Kendall home Tuesday.

Family friend Delio Regueral said Guedes had been at Doctor's Hospital in Coral Gables earlier this month after experiencing a stomach ache that was later diagnosed.

"He was a  genius in acting and comedy," Regueral said in Spanish. "Even though he was a comedian, he was a very serious man."

Guedes, also an entrepreneur, co-founded Gema Records in 1975, formerly in Sweetwater. He helped to launch the careers of Rolando Laserie, Celeste Mendoza and other stars.

"He helped a lot of people," Regueral said. "People would come and knock on his door and if he could help, he would."

The family has not announced where funeral services will be held.