Voices from Honduras: Christian (SPANISH)

Voices from Honduras: Mrs. Quijada (Part 1)

Voices from Honduras: Mrs. Quijada (Part 2)


The One and Only Local 10 News Reporter Christina Vazquez talks to the 12-year-old teen named Christian and his grandmother Santana Quijada, 65. They live in one of the poorest neighborhoods of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The boy plans to travel to the U.S. illegally. He wants to meet with his mom, who left Honduras nine years ago.  She lives in Kentucky with his siblings who are ages 8 and 10. The family plans to pay $4,000 to a human trafficking ring.

Are you preparing to go north?


And are you going to do this legally or illegally?


And by yourself?

Yes, alone

Alone? And why?

There is a lot of delinquency here

What is life like in this part of San Pedro Sula?

Life isn't worth anything

Is there a part of you who is afraid of the trip?


Why are you so confident that you can go?

Because I already have my siblings there

Why is it worth going? Why is it worth it to take the risk to go to the U.S.?

To go with my mom

Your mom, how often are you able to talk to her?

Every day

Every day? You talk to her on the phone.


What does your mother say?

That she loves me