It is a rare and revealing look into a young teen’s claim that she was forced into prostitution and to strip at Club Madonna in South Beach.

In the taped recording, obtained by Local 10's Christina Vazquez, the 13-year-old, who said she is in seventh grade, told her story to Lt. Jose Alfonso just after 9 p.m. on Jan 5.

Lt. Alfonso: How were they going to get you to make money?

13-year-old: They wanted me to prostitute.

Lt. Alfonso: What did they tell you? Tell me exactly how they told you.

13-year-old: They were like (inaudible), 'Get some people for you, you will have sex with them,' and I was like, 'Why?' 'You need to make some money.'

In the taped recording obtained by Local 10, the 13-year-old's young voice will sometimes fade, sometimes crack as she recounts how she went from running away from home to dancing nude on a Club Madonna stage; all of this happening over a period of time most families were on Christmas break.

Lt. Alfonso: When is the last time that you went to school?

13 year old: Um, I don't know, like, November?

She tells him she lives with her mother and grandmother.

Lt. Alfonso: Do you know your Dad? No?

13 year old: My dad's dead.

The 13-year-old's mother reported her missing on Dec. 10, 2013.

The 13-year-old said she ran away with two other 15-year-old girls.

The first night they stayed in an abandoned home. She said the next day a friend gave her $100, which she used to rent a room at the White House Inn. That is where they met defendant Audelin Pierre.

13 year old: And we were like, 'We have nowhere to go,' and he was like, he got a house in Little Haiti, he has a house in Little Haiti.

It is at that Miami home where she said Pierre pimped her out for $80, where she was held against her will and where she met defendant DeWayne Ward, who she said had sex with her at least five times.

Lt. Alfonso: Did he force you to do that?

13 year old: Uh-huh.

Lt. Alfonso: How did he force you to do that?

13 year old: He was like, 'Man, you better stop playing, you better stop playing.' He would push me, he pulled my pants down and pushed me, and pushed me and pushed me.

Lt. Alfonso: So, on the first night, how does he tell you, why does he tell you you have to have sex with him?

13 year old: He said, 'You staying here, you ain't doing nothing, so you going to have sex with me.'

Lt. Alfonso: Okay, did you agree with that?

13 year old: I said no.