The man who was punched by a Miami police officer will appear before a judge on Wednesday. Detectives say Anthony Walker interfered with a murder investigation last month.

Walker was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence. Sky 10 hovered above and showed Antwan Walker approach the body of his brother, Brandon Walker outside an apartment building at Northwest 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street.

When Police grabbed him, Anthony Walker, his older brother, approached and got into a struggle with the officers.

Sky 10 video then captured Miami Police Detective, Fernando Bosch Grapple as he punched Anthony Walker several times. Even after they separated, Bosch punched Walker again, knocking him down.

According to Miami Police Chief, Manuel Orosa, an internal investigation was immediately launched.

"The investigation started a few minutes after the incident," said Orosa.

Ken Harms, a former city of Miami police chief from 1978-84, says the Miami PD works under strict standards that govern the use of force.

"He's not pulling free. He's not trying to draw back and punch him....What does the detective do? He grabs him by the neck. I'm not sure why," said Harms.