A third man has been arrested in Miami-Dade County for his involvement in an illegal slaughterhouse.

Yurianne "Elvin" Hervis-Gonzalez, 34, was arrested Tuesday and faces 30 felony counts of animal cruelty.

Hervis-Gonzalez is accused of beating pigs with mallets and dragging them across the west Miami-Dade County farm with hooks in their mouths.

Investigators also claim Hervis-Gonzalez would boil some of the pigs alive.

The main operator of the slaughterhouse, Raul "Freaky" Fernandez, was arrested in March. Another man, Yonisley "Pipe" Garcia, was arrested less than a month later.

Hervis-Gonzalez appeared in court Wednesday and received a bond of $80,000 plus house arrest.