The mother of Trayvon Martin asked that Florida legislators again review the Stand Your Ground law, although George Zimmerman's attorneys didn't cite the law during his trial.

Sybrina Fulton spoke, along with National Bar Association President John Page, at the Fontainebleau on Monday.

"The thing about this law (Stand Your Ground) is -- I just think it assisted the person who killed my son to get away with murder. I think we have to change these laws so that people don't get away with murder," said Fulton. "I can't say that I'm in support of it or not in support of it, but I think people have a right to free speech, and if that's their way of showing how they feel, to express themselves about the verdict, then I think that's something that they can do."

Jurors acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder earlier this month. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has said he won't call a special session to review the law.

Page said Florida's tourism industry may be impacted if the inaction continued -- despite 21 other states having laws similar to "Stand Your Ground."

"The truth is this -- your state (Florida) will begin to be impacted against tourism unless you act," he said. "Florida is where it needs to start because this was one of the first states to have this type of law (Stand Your Ground) -- the first to have it on the books in 2005. Where do you begin but with Florida?"

Page added that calls to boycott the state will only continue.

"So what I'm saying clearly -- boycott if we must. Right now, we're asking you to talk to us. We're asking you to convene a legislature, but the boycott -- and we know because, quite frankly, we know black folks and other folks in impoverished areas, they work in tourism. So before we take that step, we're saying we're giving you a chance to get this right."