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Michigan girl, 4, calls 911, saves pregnant mother

Calise Manning is being called a hero for helping her pregnant mother and calling 911 operators in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Tenant won't pay damages for peeing while standing

A landlord in Germany who cried foul over a tenant peeing while standing up won't be awarded any damages in court.


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Was King Tut's beard broken, glued back on?

Was the priceless funeral mask of King Tutankhamun damaged and hastily glued back together? That's the claim made by a museum conservator to Egyptian media.

The conservator, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Egypt's state-owned Ahram Online…



Man bulldozes home, doesn't tell anyone

A New York man bulldozed his house without telling his wife -- or anyone else for that matter.



Rare frilled shark caught off Australia coast

It looks like something out of "Alien," but has more in common with "Jurassic Park."

It's a rare frilled shark that has been caught by a fisherman in Australia, where no one remembers ever seeing one caught before.

With a mouth packed full of…



Ramen tangles traffic after truck crash

There might be a lot of college students going hungry tonight.

A truck filled with ramen noodles crashed on a North Carolina highway Wednesday, spilling hundreds of boxes of the dorm-room dish and snarling traffic for hours while workers, some…



No jail time for woman who faked daughter's cancer

An Iowa woman who lied about her daughter's cancer diagnosis won't serve any time in prison for endangering the life of her child.


Don Strausser/KXLY

Man attacked by owl on morning run

A bizarre incident happened earlier this month when a man was attacked by an owl in Salem, Oregon.


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Man cited for eating burger while driving

We've all grabbed something to eat at a drive-thru window and eaten it in our car, but it got one man in trouble in Metro Atlanta.



Hundreds of birds covered in mystery 'goop'

The birds lay splayed across an otherwise serene California shore.

They're covered in a viscous substance that no one can identify.

More than 300 have been rescued, but at least 200 are dead, according to the California Fish and Wildlife Department.



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