Sanchez, when asked about potentially using the wildcat more often, said he didn't particularly enjoy lining up as a wide receiver.

"I don't know if I'm very good split out like that," he told Fox Sports Radio with a laugh. "And I don't like coming off the field."

Although the unorthodox QB energized the Broncos with a series of fourth-quarter comebacks last season, Tebow's messy mechanics and flawed footwork led to accuracy issues. And with his eagerness to run, he's hardly the prototypical pocket passer.

The Broncos changed their offense midseason to fit his unique skill set, dusting off the option offense, and it revitalized them as they soared to the top of the NFL rushing charts. But their passing game remained stuck in neutral as Tebow completed just 46 percent of his throws.

Tebow's days were numbered in Denver when Manning chose the Broncos as his next destination. They are two entirely different quarterbacks and it made little sense to keep Tebow as a backup because the Broncos were going to have a vastly different offense under Manning, one of the most precise passers in league history.

Tebow's skills would fit much better behind Sanchez, who has many of the same traits.