(On what is the atmosphere like in the War Room) - “Anticipation. Again, excitement. Depends on the guy you think is going to be there. Obviously, there could be a scramble. I’ve been in a couple of scrambles before. It’s always interesting. You’re picking high in the draft and so every pick leading up to that is anticipation obviously.”

 (On how do you evaluate your draft history in Miami) - “Well, it’s a team effort. Bill (Parcells) and I conducted a couple drafts together. I’ve conducted one here solely by myself with my team upstairs obviously. Certainly, I’m not responsible for all of it. When you look back and you made some good picks. Depends on how you look at it. If you look at the future or past of the draft and you say 50-55% and you say if you can be 50% in the draft over a period of time, you’ve done pretty good. I think where we were when we started to where we are now we’ve done a pretty good job of adding some talent to this football team. Certainly I’m not saying I hit on every single one because I haven’t. There’s no doubt about that. Some I have taken some risk on and hit. And some I have taken some risk on and didn’t work out so good, but that’s just part of the draft.”

 (On drafting different types of player compared to what you’re accustom to drafting) - “Well, I think the first couple of years we were here I think trying to build the foundation, which would be offensive line, defensive line was a big hole for this franchise, for this team and so I think that was the main purpose of doing some of the things early was getting the offensive line and defensive line set and then as we matured our team adding skill to the football team was important last year in particular coming out of the 2010 season. I think we needed to add some speed on the football team, some playmakers. We had some really good possession type offensive skill set, but we needed some explosive playmakers. That was glaring to me last year. Certainly, I have some glaring things that hitting me in the face this year, which I won’t get into strategy and tell you what those things are, but I got some things I feel certainly confident about that we can probably approach here in the next week.”

(On if his board is set now and he know what he wants to do) – “Yes.”

(On when did you finalize your draft board) - “Last night at 11:47, no (laughing).”

(On have you changed anything since you finalized your draft board) - “The board is set. The board is in its place. I wouldn’t say it’s completely set. Do I know what I want at eight? I have a pretty good feeling at what I want at eight. If the player is not there at eight I have got a pretty good idea of what I want if that player is not there. You have to have a contingency plan and a contingency plan to the contingency plan. So how many times have I changed my mind? Every time I see another good player that’s a consideration at eight, I’m like ‘woo’ that would be a good player to have. I think there’s some really good players in this year’s draft, especially in the top 10. I think some really impact players.”

 (On knowing what you’re needs are this year) - “Yeah, absolutely.   To me, I think they’re pretty glaring to me and so I haven’t really changed too much what I’m looking for in this year’s draft. I think you go into every draft looking for core position players. You’re looking for guys that can make an impact and certain guys that can block premier pass rushers and guys that can make big plays down the field. Create big plays on defense. You’re looking for those types of guys.”

 (On a player not flourishing on college level, but flourishing in the professional level) - “Depends on what me and my staff upstairs feel. If we feel that’s the case, then we wouldn’t draft him. But I’m not going to worry about the gurus out there feel about a player. Depends on what we’re talking about. Are we talking about in the third round or the first round? (laughing) Certainly, if I feel like that and my staff feels like that, then he’s probably not a consideration at eight.”

 (On considering offensive linemen impact players) - “Do I consider offensive line impact player? Let’s see, it depends if it’s the right guy. Yeah certainly, I would consider him an impact player. A guy could start 16 games every single year and Pro Bowler, I think that’s a pretty impactful player, sure.”

(On how impactful is a player’s stock increase or decrease prior to the draft) - “Tough. To me, that doesn’t change a whole lot. To my staff, that doesn’t change a whole lot. We start the process and it’s a good question because soon as my scouts get on the road in the middle of December without any time 40s or combine workouts. We sit there and watch the tape. We put a football grade on them. Put them on the board and then we’ll do it again in February after the bowl process so we watched these guys as a group, graded them as a group, evaluated them haven’t necessarily gone through the checks and balances of the character and some of that stuff. We’ll put a football grade on them. I would say very few, very few change drastically from December, February to April.”

 (On how high can a player rise in the draft after the college season) - “We have a couple of guys like we had a fifth round grade on and jump to a third round. There’s some guys that maybe didn’t have some of the production in 2011 that they did in 2009 and 2010. So best time of the year from February to April gives us an opportunity to really search back and their Sophomore seasons and their Junior seasons to really to really kind of grind in on some of that stuff you’re going through, and the scouts on the road they really not getting the opportunity to sit down and grind the past years and so that’s when guys will start rising when you get the chance to really get deep into their production from years past.”