LeBron James is not changing his pregame routine.

The Heat star has drawn some criticism for a series of spectacular dunks that he's doing before games.

Those critics say that since LeBron is putting on a dunking show, he should participate in the NBA slam dunk contest.

On Thursday, LeBron fired back.

He said, "I don't need props, capes, cheerleaders, and  flight attendants to walk out with me, I just do it."

James' pregame dunks have gone viral.

James enjoys the support of owner Micky Arison who has encouraged fans to come out early to enjoy the show.

James has the support of his teammates.

Dwyane Wade said, "For all the people who are saying stuff about his pregame, get down to Miami if you want to see it.  Buy a ticket and come to the American Airlines Arena.  He doesn't have to prove anything to anybody or get into anything.  He's doing it for himself, he's doing it for his team."