It's been a rough June for the Miami Marlins.

While the team had two wins in a row, as of Friday night, they lost 17 of their past 22 games.

At one point, they were 9 games out.

Earlier in the week, Manager Ozzie Guillen admitted he was part of the problem.

"Bad managing. Bad coaching. Bad pitching. I mean, this is a combo of a lot of [expletive]. Put it that way," Guillen told reporters.

South Florida sports fans might still be hung over from the Miami Heat's championship hoopla to have realized all of this.

After all, who needs heartache when you have a trophy?

This is the time; however, when basketball season is over, football pre-season is still weeks away, and all eyes are on the ballpark.

While the stands aren't empty, the vacant seats are noticeable. Not a single game has sold out since opening day.

"It's been alright. There are still a lot of empty seats there. They got to fill them up," said fan Arturo Viton.

Perhaps that is why "Dancing with the Stars" heartthrob William Levy threw the opening pitch at Sunday's game: to add some spice to the lineup and lure star-crazed Miami fans.

Most fans believe the Fish need more than just spice to fill seats. Eric Dunkley, who sells concessions outside the ballpark, says the team needs wins to gain loyal fans.

"Miami is like this: once you win, the fans come. Once you lose, the fans don't come," Dunkley said.