Miami responds to NCAA's notice of allegations

University of Miami President Donna Shalala: 'We have suffered enough'

Published On: Feb 19 2013 10:37:24 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 20 2013 11:25:42 AM EST

The University of Miami is reacting to the notice of allegations it received from the NCAA on Tuesday.

In a statement released to the press late Tuesday, Miami President Donna Shalala says "many of the allegations included in the Notice of Allegations remain unsubstantiated."

The statement in its entirety is as follows:

“The University of Miami deeply regrets and takes full responsibility for those NCAA violations that are based on fact and are corroborated by multiple individuals and/or documentation.  We have already self-imposed a bowl ban for an unprecedented two-year period, forfeited the opportunity to participate in an ACC championship game, and withheld student-athletes from competition.

Over the two and a half years since the University of Miami first contacted the NCAA enforcement staff about allegations of rules violations, the NCAA interviewed dozens of witnesses, including current and former Miami employees and student-athletes, and received thousands of requested documents and emails from the University.  Yet despite our efforts to aid the investigation, the NCAA acknowledged on February 18, 2013 that it violated its own policies and procedures in an attempt to validate the allegations made by a convicted felon.  Many of the allegations included in the Notice of Allegations remain unsubstantiated. 

Now that the Notice of Allegations has been issued, let me provide some context to the investigation itself:

Let me be clear again: for any rule violation—substantiated and proven with facts—that the University, its employees, or student-athletes committed, we have been and should be held accountable.  We have worked hard to improve our compliance oversight, and we have already self-imposed harsh sanctions.  

We deeply regret any violations, but we have suffered enough.

The University and counsel will work diligently to prepare our official response to the Notice of Allegations and submit it to the Committee on Infractions within the required 90-day time period.

We trust that the Committee on Infractions will provide the fairness and integrity missing during the investigative process.”