The noise blaring through the loudspeakers is NEVERENDING.  It is constant. Constant like "Call Me Maybe" is on the radio.

And speaking of "Call Me Maybe," tone it down Carly Rae. I mean, yes, you're right; It IS crazy that you're giving a guy you just met your phone number. Have you never seen those movies on Lifetime where the guy seems normal at first and then ends up being the demon spawn of Charles Manson and Lindsay Lohan?  Chill for a bit, Carly Rae... get to know the guy first. If you have a good time and run the proper background checks through various state agencies, THEN give him your number.  

Anyway, the noise never ends. During the action, during timeouts, and during the time when the dumb Thunder mascot tries to give away free Internet service to a pimply-faced kid who's only going to use the Internet for one thing. It.  Doesn't. Stop!

See what I'm saying?  It's all fake. It's never fan-generated. It's all prompted by a guy high above the arena who pushes a button to play, "Y'all ready for this???"  

Real noise comes without the help. Real fans know when to get behind their team with a well-times chant. In Oklahoma City, it's amateur hour at the 4H club

Yes, you can knock Heat fans for our tardiness, but we know how to jump around without being blasted with the song "Jump Around."

I'd get into this more, but now they're playing the "Hokey Pokey" and I think it's time to put my left foot in.

MONDAY, June 11 - 5:15 p.m. (Victor Oquendo) - Green grass, a lot of it.

That's basically all we saw when our plane landed in Oklahoma City.

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It was more of the same driving into "downtown" Oklahoma City. No billboards advertising the latest vodka or night club, just more grass, bales of hay and pickup trucks.

Downtown Oklahoma City is a small area compared to downtown Miami. It's made up of a couple museums, parks, restaurants, a bunch of banks, the Chesapeake Energy Arena and a baseball stadium for a minor league team. The buildings aren't very tall and there aren't too many of them.

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All of that was expected.

What surprised me, though, was how quickly the green grass, bales of hay and pickup trucks get replaced by Oklahoma City Thunder banners, signs and gear.

You can't drive a block in downtown Oklahoma City without seeing the Thunder logo displayed in an office window or a team flag flying high in front of a building.

For years now, I've heard all about the Thunder fan base and from watching them on television you can tell that they are passionate, but seeing it in person is different.OKC_01

This city has embraced this franchise like only a small market town could. "Beat the Heat" signs are all over the place.

I don't live far from the American Airlines Arena and I grew up in Miami. I don't recall ever seeing anything quite like this in South Florida. There's an overpass here wrapped in Thunder blue donning the team logo.

I've only been here for a few hours now, but judging from everything I've seen so far, the Thunder fan base is living up to its reputation.

The energy inside the Chesapeake Energy Arena is usually described as "collegiate" and that description matches the surroundings too. Tomorrow night's game one will be the true test. We'll get to see how loud they really are.

Last week LeBron James put one of the most loyal fan bases to sleep when we scored 45 points against the Celtics in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Let's see if he can silence the one of the loudest fan bases in the finals.

MONDAY, June 11 - 11:51 a.m. (Will Manso) - It's the NBA Finals matchup many expected before the season. I know I did. During our Heat preseason show, both I and our Local 10 Heat analyst, Chris Perkins, felt these would be the two teams left standing. And here we are. 

That opening paragraph wasn't meant to brag, especially since it wasn't exactly a stretch that we would be at this point. Instead, I bring it up to point out how crazy an NBA season can really be.