PHOTOS: Heat fans celebrate

Even in a shortened season, a number of teams seemed to have the inside track at a title shot. Remember when the Bulls were poised to be that team to go all the way? Well, a few injuries later and they didn't even make it out of the first round. How about the Spurs? They not only had the best record in the league, but they also had the Thunder down 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals. The Lakers, Celtics, Clippers and Pacers all had moments that also made you wonder. Yet, they're all home for the long offseason.  

Which brings us to the two teams that fought through the up's and down's to make it this far. We know the story of the Miami Heat. The team everyone loves to hate. LeBron James played his way to another MVP title, and Miami overcome the loss of Chris Bosh through most of the postseason to get to the Finals. They also came back from down 2-1 to Indiana and 3-2 to Boston.

Meantime, the Thunder roared through the playoffs by taking care of the Lakers and coming back strong against the Spurs. Kevin Durant may have finished second to LeBron in the MVP voting, but he's gotten the attention of the national audience.  It's his time to shine, and what better stage than the NBA Finals.

So, it's the Heat and the Thunder. Just how many of us thought it would be, but with some different twists along the way. No matter the road travelled, I think it's the best series the NBA and its fans could have hoped for.

MONDAY, June 11 - 5:30 a.m. - (Jeff Tavss, Producer) - What do you think of when you think of Oklahoma City?  Well, there's the much-beloved musical "Oklahoma," of which I actually know only from a scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally." Then there's the... uh, that thing, you know... well, yeah... that's pretty much it.

But according to the rules of the NBA, it is mandated that both teams get the opportunity to host games in The Finals. How archaic is that?  I mean, seriously, didn't our basketball forefathers (Dr. James Naismith, Wilt Chamberlain, Air Bud and Dennis Rodman) ever consider that there'd be an outside chance that the hoops universe may one day run out of luck and be forced to hold its premier event in the same city that prides itself on being the home of the American Banjo Museum? I'm figuring they did not... or if they did, Rodman was the one who convinced the others that'd it be "funny," and he probably did it by singing the others a song on a banjo.

Anyway, that's where we're heading this morning.  The entire Local 10 crew of myself (a producer who no one will really listen to), Will Manso, Jen Herrera, Victor Oquendo, three photographers (they like to be called videographers because it sounds "awesomer," they're word, not mine, and an engineer named Joe who really drew the short straw as he had to drive our satellite truck all the way from South Florida to Oklahoma City.  If you have visions of Engineer Joe driving alongside Burt Reynolds in a "Smokey and the Bandit" remake, think again.  Our satellite truck maybe... MAYBE... can hit 60 miles-per-hour and it most certainly does not have a bitchin' Trans Am paint job.  Plus, Joe's refusal to grow a Burt Reynolds mustache is legendary in the television business... right alongside Jen's refusal to do the same.

So it's 5:30 in the morning as we're sitting on the tarmac waiting for our plane to take us to our destination.  It's ironic considering that I have flown over Oklahoma roughly one million times, but now I will actually land there!  First stop?  The American Banjo Museum!  Hey, when in Oklahoma City....