The Dolphins have been searching for a franchise quarterback since Dan Marino retired.  While those types of QB's don't grow on trees, Miami is in position this season to finally get one.  His name is Robert Griffin III.  He's better known as RG3.

By now, you likely know his story.  He's the Heisman trophy winner from Baylor who has a rocket arm and electric personality.  He also happens to run the 40 yard dash in 4.38 seconds and throws the best deep ball of any QB in the upcoming NFL draft.

Simply put, he's exactly what the Dolphins need.

Of course, he doesn't come without a risk or heavy cost.  RG3 will be the 2nd pick in the draft.  Everyone knows that.  The only thing we don't know is who will take him.  It won't be the St Louis Rams, who hold the 2nd pick.  They've made it clear they'll trade out of the spot and plenty of teams are interested.

The Dolphins are said to be one of those teams, and we shouldn't be surprised.  Owner Stephen Ross made it clear when the offseason began that the number one priority for the Fins this offseason was upgrading the QB position. 

Miami has options.  Peyton Manning will likely soon be available, and we know the Dolphins will look into the possibility of signing him.  Meantime, free agent Matt Flynn knows new head coach Joe Philbin well.  Whether the Packers back-up QB will be too rich for Miami's blood is still to be determined. 

Each option holds a risk.  Manning is recovering from multiple neck surgeries and Flynn has exactly two more NFL starts than I have.  Griffin III also holds risk, but the upside is so much greater.  RG3 would instantly become the face of the franchise.  He's well spoken, well dressed and most importantly, extremely talented.  At 6-3, with speed and a strong arm, few NFL QB's can already match his skill set. 

Now comes the downside with Griffin III.  It will take A LOT to get him.  For Miami to jump from the 8th pick in the draft to the 2nd pick they'll need to trade multiple draft picks, including two first round selections.  That's a steep price to pay, but it's about time Miami takes a real chance.

For the past decade, the Fins have been beating around the bush in the QB search.  They've spent 2nd round picks, traded draft picks and signed free agents to try and fill the void.  But, the only thing they haven't done is actually draft a quarterback in the first round.

Look around the NFL now.  The top QB's are Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton.  Only Brady and Brees weren't first round picks, but the theme is clear; you will more often than not find your franchise QB in the first round.

Take it from a life-long Giants fan who dreamed of seeing his team get a stud quarterback.  I remember when New York traded away multiple early round picks to land Manning in a trade.  It didn't bother me one bit.  I knew that the draft was always a crap shoot, but one QB could change it all.  Two Super Bowl titles later I'd say the Giants are more than happy with that deal.  I know I am.

The Dolphins need to make a bold move and solve the problem.  Enough with the Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas, AJ Feeley, Chad Henne and Matt Moore's of the world.  Stop complaining and land a franchise QB.  RG3 fits the bill. 

In this political season where candidates everywhere are looking for endorsements, let this serve as my endorsement for the Dolphins: you need a QB of the future and that man is Robert Griffin III.