Let’s look at the good.  Ireland was the key force in obtaining Reggie Bush.  He made a big impact for the Dolphins last season.  Ireland also made moves this offseason to keep defensive tackle Paul Soliai, which I think is a key for this defense. 

But, not truly addressing the quarterback position, trading his number one receiver for draft picks and letting Winston look elsewhere before signing in Kansas City are all legitimate reasons to criticize.

Something has to give this season.   His job is on the line, and it should be.

My advice to Dolphins fans is to try and relax.  As crazy as you think I may sound right now, give Ireland a chance.  What does this team really have to lose at this point?  Firing Ireland in the middle of the offseason would make zero sense.

Let’s see how the rest of the offseason unfolds.  Let’s see who the Dolphins pick up in the draft.  He has a plan, but the problem for fans is that they have no faith in how that plan will unfold.  Again, I’m with you on that 100%.  I totally understand.

My advice to Ireland is to either stay quiet or take some PR classes on crisis management.  That’s the stage the Dolphins have reached.  It’s a crisis for this franchise.  Season ticket holders are dropping fast and fans are more frustrated than ever.

If the Dolphins fail again, trust me, we won’t be having this conversation.  Your “Fireland” signs won’t be needed.  He won’t be around.   I truly believe that.  If that’s the case, I’ll say all you frustrated fans were right.

But, before you kick him to the curb, let’s see if he can clean up this mess.  He didn’t create it, but he sure as heck hasn’t helped it.  It’s his final chance to try.