Al Esteban plans to travel 1,100 miles this week to see the Miami Heat, Dolphins, and Hurricanes play.

Esteban's going to see the Heat tip off against the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday and the Dolphins host the Cincinnati Bengals on Halloween. He's then traveling to Tallahassee to see the undefeated Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles play Saturday night.

"It's definitely a first for me," he said. "[I've] never done anything like this."

Esteban said he changed his work schedule so that he could go.

The cost: just over $100.

"It's all about who you know. You make the right friends," he said. "The way I see it, it won't last forever, might as well enjoy it. I won't be 24 forever."

Esteban won't be attending Friday night's game between the Florida Panthers and St. Louis Blues.