A United States soccer fan, who has been involved in the effort to have a soccer stadium in Miami, was so excited during a game, he fell from a second-story at a bar in Miami's Brickell Sunday.

Eric Corey, who is now known among friends as the "Flying Yank," fell at Fado Irish Pub, 900 S. Miami Ave. Emotions were running high. Just when U.S. fans were convinced of their 2-1 victory, a player from Portugal scored an unexpected goal.

Corey landed on an awning, witnesses said. Miami firefighters arrived to take him down and treat him at the scene.

"I'm good," Corey said on Facebook Monday. "Just a little banged up."

Corey is not just any fan. He is the president of Miami's chapter of the  American Outlaws, a U.S. FIFA World Cup soccer team fan club.

Earlier this year, when David Beckham was at the Perez Art Museum Miami, Corey stood next to Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez during a press conference in February.

On his Facebook, Corey's friends found humor on the fall.

"I heard about what happened even all the way in N.J.," Mily Raudales said.

Karina Castano wanted to know if he was going to go back to the same bar to watch the game against Germany Thursday. The group watched the U.S.'s win over Ghana at the bar, and a friend said it was likely that Corey was going to be there again Thursday.