I would like to thank those voters who took advantage of early voting to express their opinion on the stadium issue.  My priority from the beginning of this process has been to give our voters the final say."

Miami First Co-Chairs H.T. Smith and Jorge Arrizurieta released the following statement in response to the stadium bill:

"By leaving Tallahassee without letting the people of Miami-Dade vote on the modernization of Sun Life Stadium, the Florida House clearly showed our community that they would rather play politics than do the right thing.

While the Tallahassee politicians found time to raise the contribution limits for their fundraising, they said they couldn’t find time to let the people of Miami-Dade make their voices heard.

While they pushed their political agenda, the House leaders refused to support the effort that would create over 4,000 jobs and provide a much-needed boost to our local economy.

The House put at risk the future of Super Bowls and other major events in Miami, which are so critical to our tourism economy. It’s a sad day when Tallahassee gives San Francisco and Houston a victory at the expense of our community.

This inaction by the Florida House of Representatives is frankly irresponsible and regretful. The most basic responsibility and right a citizen has is the ability to vote. All we asked for was the opportunity to vote to not be denied. Unfortunately, the House chose to deny Miami-Dade residents the right to have the final say on this effort.

From the small business owners who depend on major events to grow their companies, to the unemployed construction workers who came to our Opportunity Fairs, as well as the members of clergy who wanted to do what is right for their community, and all of our supporters across Miami-Dade, we would like to thank them for their support."