Judge vacates Tom Brady's 4-game suspension

A federal judge on Thursday vacated the four-game suspension the NFL imposed on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the "…

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Making a Difference: Gratigny Plateau Park opens

Jahwaun Burrows, Sienom Auxaire and Stephanie Baptiste are some of the children in the Miami-Dade Pinewood neighborhood who have been waiting for Gratigny Plateau Park to open.


Butterfly garden to bloom at flower-shaped Gratigny Park

With dozens of different butterflies, Florida is the country's premier location for butterfly gardens.


Fresh-air fitness concept at center of Gratigny Park design

Gratigny Plateau Park, 885 NW 117th St., opened Wednesday with outdoor gym machines designed to help with strength and fitness.


Girl dreams of reunion with Haitian mom at Gratigny Park

Seven-year-old Stephanie Baptiste said she dreams of the day when she can walk in a park, while holding her mother’s hand. About two years ago, Stephanie said goodbye to her mom and moved to Miami from Cap-Haitien, a city on the north coast of Haiti.


NBA dreams have boy excited about Gratigny Park

Basketball and riding his bicycle beat playing video games or watching cartoons any day, Burrowes. This is why was he was so excited that  Gratigny Plateau Park, 885 NW 117th St., is only steps away from his grandmother's house.


Boy plans to use Gratigny Park to lose weight, get fit

Ever since friends at school told him he was "getting too fat," Sienom Auxaire has been trying to lose weight. On August 6, he will have Gratigny Plateau Park, 885 NW 117th St. It will be only about a block away from his home.



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