Sinkhole opens up on busy roadway in Miami

A sinkhole opened up Monday afternoon on a busy roadway in Miami, Miami Fire Rescue officials said.

Meet Andrea Brody

Andrea Brody

Brody joined the Local 10 News sports team after an Emmy Award-winning career split between covering news and sports.


A Day In The Life Of Andrea Brody

Spend the day with Local 10's Andrea Brody.


Andrea Brody Through The Years

Local 10's Andrea Brody was born and raised in South Florida. Check out her life in pictures as we see Andrea Through The Years.


My Favorite Things: Andrea Brody

A South Florida native, Local 10 sports reporter Andrea Brody knows the ins and outs of our community and shares with us some of her favorite things.


Roosters And Chickens And Birds, Oh My!

Thousands of South Floridians are getting an early wake-up call courtesy of some fowl alarm clocks.

Watch: Video

Watch: Rounding Up The Chickens (See Inside)


Pretzels, Pianos & Things That Go Bump In The Night

While Local 10's Andrea Brody is busy Googling "rat droppings," the "creature in the walls" scatters its dietary preferences throughout her living room.


The Pharaoh, The Plagues & The House Of Brody

Last week, Local 10's Andrea Brody wrote about the "creature" that had invaded her family's home. In this update to the saga, things seems to have taken a turn for the worse.


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