Gisela Tacao, who runs a non-profit animal rescue in Hialeah, asked for help Tuesday saving dozens of dogs she had been housing.

Tacao runs Gigi's Rescue in Hialeah. Starting about 2 p.m. Tuesday, Tacao began bringing out one dog at a time.

About 70 dogs were handed over to the Tri County Humane Society and two other rescue services.

"They're the only rescue that can take more than four dogs in one location because we have a kennel license," said Tacao. "We start taking in as many dogs -- you know, people call, 'Please, can you save this one? They're going to kill it, whatever.' We just took in too much. Overwhelmed ourselves."

About 50 of the dogs will be treated for a parasite and will remain in quarantine for 10 days before they can be adopted.

Tacao hopes to improve the facility used for the rescue and the kennel.