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Male impotence alternatives

Alternative procedure, solutions for male impotence

It's a problem that affects so many men and sometimes prescription pills for male impotence doesn't do the job. Local 10 medical expert Dr. Ari Soffer explains an alternative procedure.

Exercise overload

Are you over-doing it when you exercise?

Exercise is good for us physically and mentally, but many people don't realize too much can increase the risk of dangerous health consequences. In today's health cast a warning about exercise overload.

Core valve

Less invasive approach to replacing main artery to heart

According to the American Heart Association more than 5 million Americans are diagnosed with heart valve disease every year. Local 10 takes a look at the results of study into a less invasive approach to replacing the main artery to the heart.

Weightless treadmill

Weightless treadmill helps patients recovering from injury

A high-tech treadmill is helping people young and old recover from injury and illness quickly and safely.

Cardiac monitor

Small implantable heart monitor helping doctors

An estimated 850,000 Americans are hospitalized every single year for irregular heartbeats. Diagnosing the underlying problem can be a bit tricky. Local 10 medical specialist Dr. Ari Soffer shows how the latest advancement in technology is helping…

New wireless defibrillator

New wireless defibrillator could save lives

Every year in the U.S., about half a million people die of sudden cardiac death. Local 10 medical specialist Dr. Ari Soffer takes a look at the latest advancement in a device that could save a whole lot of lives -- a wireless defibrillator.

Gastric bypass surgery may help patients avoid a heart attack

Gastric bypass surgery may help patients avoid heart attack

Dr. Ari Soffer takes a closer look at the benefits of this procedure, beyond just weight loss.

kkr 4pm healthcast

Study: 2/3 of Floridians could be obese by 2030

Two-thirds of all Floridians will be obese by the year 2030 if changes aren't made in their eating habits and physical activity.

aso 4pm light therapy

Benefits, limitations of infrared light therapy

Local 10 Medical Specialist Dr. Ari Soffer takes a closer look at infrared light therapy and explains its possible benefits and some limitations.

aso 4pm robotic rehab

Robotic rehab helps patients regain strength

Local 10 Medical Specialist Dr. Ari Soffer shows how robotic rehabilitation is helping people regain their strength and independence.


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