Witness: Sunrise police officer fired 3 shots at man

The Sunrise Police Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting at North University Drive and Sunset Strip.

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Several types of flu shots available to patients ahead of...

Those without insurance can receive flu shots at stores like Winn Dixie that have generic drug programs. The flu shots cost $25-$45


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About a million men and almost 5 million women over the age of 50 suffer from osteoporosis


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40,000 babies are born with heart problems each year in the U.S.


American food pyramid questioned for healthy eating

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Testosterone replacement effects for diabetics

Studies show testosterone replacement can lead to sterility, especially in younger men


Research shows men aren’t necessarily stronger than women

Study finds men are stronger on the outside, women are stronger on the inside.


When to choose an urgent care center over the ER

Nearly 130 million people visited ER's last year and only 13 percent were admitted into the hospital


Customized creams relieve chronic pain

Rather than taking systemic medications with side effects many are benefitting from compounded creams designed especially for their own areas of concern.


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