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New study shows milk chocolate may prevent cardiovascular...

Also in Thursday's Healthcast, Dr. Ari Soffer takes a look at a newly approved medication that could bring new hope for patients suffering from heart failure.


Medication may revolutionize high cholesterol management

Some doctors say patients can profit from alternative therapies instead of statins to manage high cholesterol.


Study finds people diet better when someone else picks...

A new study finds people lose more weight when they allow someone else to choose their diet.


How to diet, detox safely and effectively

Health experts say it's vital to do a detox with proper supervision and to avoid potentially risky side effects.


Lariat procedure reduces risk of clots for Atrial...

Right now, the procedure is reserved for a-fib patients who cannot tolerate blood thinners.


FDA says people should not take aspirin to prevent heart...

The Food and Drug Administration says people should not take aspirin to prevent a first heart attack because the risks are greater than the benefits.


Signs, causes of Morton's neuroma

Morton's neuroma is often caused by narrow shoes that cause the nerve in our toes to get pinched and swollen.


Treatments more complicated for people with multiple...

A South Florida woman says she lived in anguish for more than a decade before she was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and bi polar disorder.


Study finds U.S. has shortage of doctors

Cardiologist Ari Soffer explains how a new study about the shortage of doctors in the U.S. directly impacts South Florida.


Even physically fit are at risk for blood clots

Chris Bosh and Serena Williams among top athletes affected


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