If redecorating your house around your pets sounds like too much work, you have one more option.

Build them their own house.

Last year, veteran real estate broker Donald Gorbach's business went to the dogs -- literally. Recognizing his clients' desire to settle for nothing but the best for themselves as well as their pets, "Top Dog" Gorbach and his "Chief 'Barketing' Officer" Stacy Small founded Doggie Mansions, a luxury real estate firm catering to the needs of pampered pets.

"You start by sending us a photo of your own home. Our Doggie Architect then custom builds a Doggie Mansion similar in style," Gorbach said. Amenities from which you can choose include an air-conditioning/heater combo unit; a doggie water fountain; ceramic, stone or marble floors; designer furnishings and a flat-screen TV. They will even install a pool and hurricane-proof windows -- extras that no self-respecting pampered pet should live without.

With luxury like this, who wouldn't want to be in the dog house!