Mystic was brought to the Fort Lauderdale Animal Care & Adoption Center on February 26 by her owner. Mystic’s owner said he was moving and he could not take Mystic with him.

The shelter staff had to carry Mystic in as she did not want to leave her owner. If she could have spoken at that moment, she would have begged her owner to take her with him.

It took Mystic several days to adjust and accept the fact that her owner was not coming back for her. She spent the first few days hiding behind her bed. She was too big to get under the bed but if she could have, that’s where she would have been.

After a few days went by, she began to bond with the other dog in her run. One day the other dog became very happy when a strange person stood in front of the run. Mystic didn’t understand why her friend was so happy but it soon became very clear. Her friend’s owner had found her and was here to take her back home.

Mystic so badly wanted to go too. But she couldn’t.

Mystic is now in the shelter's adoption area and has made many doggy friends but she still earns for a home again.

Can you help her find her forever home?

If you can adopt Mystic reply to

Animal ID Number: A1572057 

Name: Mystic

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Sex: Spayed Female

Health: Fully vetted and completely healthy

Temperament: Very friendly with people, great with other dogs

Weight: 43 pounds

Intake Date: February 26, 2013