Some parks limit the number of dogs you can bring at once. But even if there are no restrictions, use common sense. Bring only the number of dogs you can handle. Three is usually the limit, Hanna advises.

Don't Bring Cats To The Dog Park

It's called a dog park for a reason. You may love your other pets as much as you love your canine companions, but dog parks are for dogs.

Your Dog Should Obey When You Call

Be prepared for the unexpected. Your dog should come when you call and stay beside you until you give the command that it's OK to go play again. If not, keep him on a leash. Better yet, keep him at home until he learns to obey your voice commands.

Be Responsible For Your Dog's Behavior

In addition to cleaning up after your dog, be responsible for whatever other mischief she gets into. If she knocks something over, pick it up. If she digs holes, cover them up. If she starts drinking another dog's water, coax her toward her own water bowl. You get the idea.

Keep Your Dog in Sight At All Times

Your dog may be off her leash, but that doesn't mean the leash should be out of your hand. Be ready to call and leash your dog at all times.

Know When It's Time To Leave

Dogs are like children. When tired, they get cranky and can spoil the fun for everyone. If your dog starts exhibiting signs that he's had his fill of fun, it's time to call it a day.

"A good dog owner strives to be a good ambassador in all situations," Hanna says. "A little courtesy, consideration and knowledge can go a long way to achieving that goal."

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