“Policy change,” was the united response I received over and over again.  A policy change that tells police officers that reaching for their guns is not the first line of defense when trying to subdue a family pet.

Everyone I interviewed had the same answer, or a similar version.

Bella’s answer touched me the most.

“I’m here to make sure that what happened to my family doesn’t happen to anyone else,” she said..

The Jones family does not seek revenge. 

A post on Baxter’s tribute page on Facebook Thursday said:

“On behalf of the family, I am asking that you not make this a personal vendetta against this particular officer. The family never released the names until it was released by the press. What the family desires is that a policy be created to prevent this from ever happening again. They have gone about this in an honorable manner despite the anger and grief each has been experiencing. A personal witch hunt is no part of this family's objective. They will continue to fight to honor Baxter, but fighting in a way that will effectuate a policy, not fuel the flames of hatred.”

A review of police policy seems to be a logical request.

As of this writing, the Pembroke Pines Police Department has not responded to my request for a comment.

So I leave you with this …

Officer Taber fired six shots.  Three went into Baxter.

Thankfully divine intervention took the other three bullets.