If you are thinking of surrendering your pet, watch this video first.

It was produced by Undercats4Life, a No Kill Advocacy Organization.

This video is not graphic, but it is straight and to the point of what happens when animals are dumped at local shelters.

Not enough people know the reality these animals face.

Most of the time, shelter staff will sugarcoat the horrible realty of what happens to these animals to spare you the truth. The truth may set you free but it will not set the animals free.

Euthanasia doesn't exist in shelters, neither does "put to sleep."

When you decide to adopt an animal, it should be for their entire life. If you find yourself in troubled times, reach out for assistance. It is out there.

If your pet is having behavioral issues, help is out there.

There is a solution to every problem. The problem is people give up and move on while their devoted pet is killed at the shelter.

This is something most people would rather not think about, but the animals depend on us and we are their voice.