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How does insulin work?

Find out how insulin helps regulate the blood sugar of diabetics.


How to control your Type 2 diabetes

Following these tips will allow you to control your Type 2 diabetes.


Type 1 vs. Type 2 diabetes

There are distinct differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Find…


Top Five: American Society of Nephrology

Who should be on your diabetes team?

Once you're diagnosed with diabetes you may need to see different doctors…


Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children

Do you suspect your child might have type 1 diabetes? Here are some…


Diabetes: Facts vs. myths

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes hovering around the subject…


While one child with Autism may rarely speak and have difficulty learning how to read and write, another can be so high-functioning he's able to attend classes in a mainstream school.

Living with Type 1 diabetes

Find out how to control your Type 1 diabetes.


Monitoring your blood-sugar level

Diabetics must monitor their blood sugar. Find out how they test their…


5 steps to prevent type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes -- the most common type of diabetes -- can be preventable…


How to help your child cope with type 1 diabetes

Dealing with type 1 diabetes on a daily basis and take an emotional toll…


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Should diabetics avoid eating sweet fruit?

Are sweet fruits too sugary for diabetics? Find out here.


Who is at-risk for diabetes?

Find out who is at higher risk of developing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.


A healthy eating plan for diabetics

It's important for diabetics to eat a healthy diet to help control their…

You can start fixing your health today

If you want to get healthier, it can seem like a big project. But small…


What is diabetes?

More and more people in the U.S. are getting diagnosed with diabetes. Find…


Losing weight can have big impact on those with diabetes

Losing weight can help those with Type 2 diabetes manage the disease.

20 foods you should be eating

Here are 20 healthy foods that you should be eating.


Must-do exercises

Are you no longer getting the desired results from you workouts? It might…


Preventive care for people with diabetes

Preventive care is a critical component of limiting lifetime complications…


Tips for diabetics on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday for diabetics, who need to watch…


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