Julio and Enrique Iglesias

Julio Iglesias may be best known as Willie Nelson's duet partner on the cheesy '80s love song "To All the Girls I Loved Before," but the Spanish singer is so much more than that.

The Grammy winner has sold more than 300 million records worldwide in 14 languages and has released 77 albums. Oh, and he also fathered fellow Grammy winner Enrique Iglesias.

Despite his famous last name, Enrique was reluctant to ride his father's coattails from the very beginning. Enlisting the help of a family friend, he landed his first record deal by promoting demo tracks under the name "Enrique Martinez."

Nearly 20 years later, the rest is history. He's since sold 58 million albums worldwide, placing five songs in the Billboard Hot 100 top five singles, including the crossover hits "Bailamos," "Be With You" and "Hero," and holds the record for producing 22 No. 1 Spanish-language singles on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks.